How Bazi reading can Enhance and improve your life

Link video: How is Bazi reading able to enhance your life? Well, basically, the thing about Bazi reading is that it is based on the specific time and specific day of your birth, which is usually based on your birth certificate, and from there, it will be based on your necessity of birth and create the kind of a birth chart, which they call Bazi reading, to understand your character and what your life is going to be like. So, the question is how accurate can it be. Of course the different methods and also different ways of reading and the skill of the master themselves, how good they are will also determine the accuracy of the reading itself. So, the question is: Is it going to be helpful? I will use the word “Yes” because it’s going to be helpful if you know how to use it to your advantage. What do I really mean by advantages? Well, for example, in between a career and doing a business, some people are more catered towards doing business, some people are more catered towards working for other people, so if you choose the wrong direction, then your life will be harder, more terrible, or more hardship; but if you choose the right path, then it will be easier for you and your life won’t be so miserable. You will feel like working or feel like not dragging your feet to work, you see. Therefore, choosing the right path is also very important. From the a birth chart, we are able to see what your potential is in the birth chart at a specific time. Having said that, we also have to understand that even if your potential for working for people is in your birth chart, it’s not going to be like this every year. Some years are going to be very good in terms of working for people, some years may not be, so we also have to see what the age range is where it will be different. So having said that, we also have to understand that it is never 100 percent accurate. You see, there’s no such thing as 100 percent accuracy. Although people say that my accuracy is super high, as high as 100 percent, I always tell them to use the word “100 percent” because there’s always a margin of error in anything in life. That’s the explanation for this Bazi. Thank you very much!