Difference Between ZiPing Bazi & QMDJ Destiny Reading

ZiPing Bazi

This person’s name Xu Zi Ping. He created a thing called Zi Ping which is the Analytical Method. He is one of the most famous people to combine and compound all the Bazi readings into one uniform one. So that everybody can use it and the commoners are actually using it even now in 2020 (1300 years ago).

A lot of people are learning ZiPing Bazi, which is an Analytical Method to read a person’s life. By using the stem, branches, and elements of Hour, Day, Month, and Year to see a person’s fate and life.

There are four pillars, there is a stem, there are branches, etc. In total, there are eight different symbols. If we use 8×8, there are 64 different combinations.

In that era (about 1300 years ago), the formula was actually very good because it could tell within the next 10 years what was going to happen. Life was not going to go up or go down. All this information will be able to be based on different elements of the year, different stems, different branches; and combine to see the possible trend, uptrend or downtrend, whether this person is lucky or not, but usually you are based on the 10 year cycle. For example, during birth until 10 years old, then 11 all the way to 20 years old, and so on and so forth. It is based on every 10 years of the cycle to tell a person’s luck.

Widely used in the modern era.

Of course, we want to compare Qi Men Dun Jia. Look at a bit of history.

  • Qi Men Dun Jia was passed down to Huang Di, the Emperor about 5000 years ago to defeat the enemy.
  • After that, it was named Yin Fu in the Zhou Qim era.
  • Named as Liu Jia in Han Wei era.
  • It was named Dun Jia in Sui Tang and Song Dynasty.
  • And then, in the final version, it officially became known as Qi Men Dun Jia after the Ming Qing era.

This is a bit of history which is very far away. If you want to do some research about it, there are some bits and pieces of information in the books, on the internet but it is very loosely compound.

  • Qi Men Dun Jia is not used commonly in the public because 5000 years ago, the Emperor did not want this information to be used by the enemy, so anybody who possessed it would be killed or behaved. Commoners cannot own or possess it or use it. It was a strictly exclusive tool for the emperor during the time.
  • In 1980-1990, more people started to learn Qimen Divination in China or Taiwan, not destiny reading. deviation
  • After learning Qi Men Dun Jia, people will start innovating and change and add this to make things more interesting.

Qi Men Dun Jia vs ZiPing Bazi

Qi Men Dun Jia ZiPing Bazi
5000 years 1300 years
Thousands of possible combinations 64 combinations
QMDJ is more in depth compared to ZiPing  
QMDJ does not have 10 year cycles, can analyze up to yearly and monthly if needed ZiPing has 10 year cycles
QMDJ can analyze and understand a problem, and can provide a solution for it ZiPing and other methods only provide information, cannot provide a solution
QMDJ can optimize a person’s real potential and possibly change the outcome cannot

There are people who are my friends every three months who come to me and approach me and ask me what their luck for the next three months is. Since they are my friends, I will share with them what is going to happen. Apparently, most of the information that I relate to them is pretty accurate in that aspect. But anyhow it depends on the individual because if you are going to read it every month, it is going to be very tiring and sometimes we just do not want to know certain things that are happening unless the major things. are you know

but shimano can change that means once

So, I want to gather certain facts from you before we even start the lesson. 

  • You are one of the very few people in the world enthusiastic about destiny reading.
  • You are also the very few people that are taught and able to change other people’s destiny including yourself. If you want to change your destiny, if you think there is no good, there is ability to change but be careful, there is always a price to pay.
  •  And you are also one of the very few people in the world that is able to analyze a person up to 99% accuracy, you will not find this anywhere. The accuracy is so high that you’re able to see the details so sharp that somehow rather you can be scared. okay can be scary good things

It is very important before we start:

You hold the very important key to the future for yourself and the people around you. I will urge you to be very careful when using this tool and use this key very correctly. When comparing Qi Men Dun Jia divination and Qimen Destiny Reading, Destiny Reading is far more powerful than divination. However, if you combine destiny reading with divination, it is going to be very very super powerful.

Thank you.