Bazi reading & Bazi Analysis – What you need to know


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Bazi reading and Bazi analysis, what do you really need to know before you even proceed further in your life?


When you do a Bazi reading, these three things that you need to really understand: Tian Shi, Di Li, Ren He.


That means in your Bazi, your Heaven (Tian Shi) cannot be changed. Who your brother is, who your sister is, who your grandparents are cannot be changed. This is Heavenly.


The Earth (Di Li) means the country that you are staying in, the company that you work in, and the industry that you work in can all be changed. You have a choice to decide where you want to go.


Thirdly, the human factor is that you have the ability to choose who you mix with, what kind of people you are friends with or unfriends with, or even the things that you do; the actions that you do or the actions that you never do. This is called the “human factor.” And whatever Bazi that you are reading or analyzing, always remember that this is only a portion of it. The entire outcome will definitely be changed if you decide to go another route. For example, if a person’s Bazi is very good and he is a very good leader, but in the course of his life, he chose to be an engineer, and in the event that you are in this situation, you do not have the ability to showcase your leadership. So, your life will be tilted in another direction. You must understand that whatever thing that is being imprinted in your Bazi in the beginning, you can change the course of action. That means if your Bazi is not so great, it does not mean anything because you have the ability to change it if you choose to be.


That is the situation of this Bazi reading. I hope you understand why I am trying to derive because you have the ability to change the course of your life even if your current situation is not good. Bear with me for a while, because this is something you need to understand. If you do not understand and just follow the Bazi blindly, at the end of the day, you will definitely be depressed, disappointed, and your life will not be able to maximize your potential. It is important to note that the Bazi is only a description. Your life depends on yourself. You have the ability to change it for the better when you choose to. Thank you very much.