How Bazi calculators work?

To understand the path of life, luck cycle, wealth, career, relationships, strengths, and weaknesses study of Bazi analysis is helpful. Bazi reading gives us a vision of the future and hence prepares us for the good and bad circumstances. It translates our birth date into the Chinese calendar. There are two schools for birth reading, one is Zi Ping and the other is Zi Wei Dou Shu Bazi reading. Zi Ping Bazi reading helps us to understand our real selves and also balance our Day master and its structure by strengthening five-element imbalance, finding out a basic structural inclination and others.

The bazi reading is categorized into three parts that are the Natal chart, the Major luck, and the Minor luck. The Natal Chart is the one which influences most the destiny reading, after that Major luck is important. Major luck begins at different times for different people and it changes every 10 years. For example, major luck may begin at the age of 2 for someone while at age 8 for the other person.

Bazi analysis is performed by using Bazi calculator. Bazi chart, day pillar, month pillar, year pillar, hour pillar, and luck pillar identification is done by using the bazi calculator. The four elements discussed above ie, day, month, year, and hour are called four pillars of destiny, that’s why their identification is necessary to calculate bazi. Moreover, these pillars play a key role in determining our future. Bazi reading also involves symbolic stars, these represent leaves of stems in the tall tree of Chinese astrology. The symbolic stars are helpful to calculate Bazi which tells us about our personality, perception, and relationships.

The Bazi calculator is used to calculate bazi charts which are based on the Hsia Calendar. The ten thousand year Hsia calendar is helpful to calculate the four pillars discussed before. Dr. Karin Taylor Wu wrote a book that provides us the detailed instructions showing the relationship between our bazi chart and emotions, wealth, aptitudes, health, personality. In his book, for the first time, the traditional methods to calculate bazi were explained for the western people. This book plays a key role in optimizing personal choices and developing the leadership and healing skills to help other people.

Bazi analysis involves the study of fate, luck, and destiny. These terms are the same, but in-depth, there is a difference in their definitions. Fate is a predetermined thing and it will happen to us. For example, if after a tough journey, you become a pilot then most people would say that this was in your fate. The next term is luck, it can be changed. Luck can make our life either good or bad depending upon the decisions we take. The last one is destiny, it works together with luck. However, it is also predetermined, but we are not sure that it will happen. For example, if you are studying to be a pilot, many people would say that being a pilot is your destiny, but it is also possible that you may change your way and become an engineer.