Why Feng shui is believable?

Have you ever feel disconnected from your environment, disturbed, and depressed? If yes, then Feng shui helps you to interact with the environment, it tells you that how your surroundings influence you. It changes the way of your life by guiding you to achieve happiness, success, and to be a good human being. Feng shui is a combination of two words, wind for Feng and water for Shui. It is a 6,000 years old Chinese tradition, also known as Geomancy. It includes architecture, garden designs, frameworks, colors, materials, and others. It is a tool for optimizing businesses and homes to bring happiness and harmony.

Feng shui was believed to be a Chinese secret. Therefore, Feng shui masters were not allowed to share their information and data with outsiders. Hence, their sacred information was passed down from Feng shui masters to their sons. Feng shui guides you in the most important events of life such as in your job, relationship, education, business, and so on. Fen Shui masters consider your Chinese horoscope and use complex mathematical calculations from ancient I Ching, to find out what is best for you and find ways to balance your life.

The most important element of Feng shui is wealth, not only financial but in luck, opportunities, friendship, and so on. Before going into detail, it should be known that there are three types of wealth direct wealth, indirect wealth, and rob wealth. People with direct wealth are very vigilant about spending money, while people with indirect wealth like to take financial risks. They are generous and humble as compared to the people having direct wealth. Lastly, people with rob wealth often end up having an excessive amount of debt.

There is a very close connection between bazi reading and Feng shui. They have a lot of concepts in common in between. In the early Tang dynasty, both Feng shui and bazi were used for prediction by Chinese rulers. Bazi reading helps understand life including health, wealth, business, etc, making the right decisions while Feng shui describes the way to make life happy and prosperous. That’s why Feng shui masters are capable of doing Bazi analysis as well. Bazi analysis involves the study of heaven luck, human luck, and earth luck.

The Bazi reading discloses information about heaven luck and human luck while Feng shui functions on earth luck. Heaven luck refers to the information about ourselves, who we are, where we are born, our parents and siblings, and others on which we do not have any control. Human luck is about the actions and decisions we make during our journey in life. These actions may be good or bad depending upon our choice and hence they will lead us to either better circumstances or worse. The last one is earth luck, it reveals the details about the place where we live, where we work and so on. Moreover, like Chinese tradition astrology, Bazi analysis is based upon five elements ie. water, earth, metal, fire, and wood and the galaxies, solar systems, planets, stars.