Why the Black Lace Bra Is Considered Sexy: A Short History


Don’t you wonder why the black lace bra earned a reputation for being a sexy undergarment? In our pursuit to know the answer to this question, researching its history is a must. Here’s what we know so far.

Wearing black is always associated with death or funeral. During the Victorian era, women are taught to wear black dresses and undergarments when their husbands or family member die. They are likewise expected to be celibate for at least two and a half years since their husband’s burial. The Victorian era has always been a time of romanticism and sentimentality.

Now, going back to how the black lace bra started. While it took quite a time for women to mourn during this time, women find a way to deviate from the “norm.” They go for black fashion for a long time, but this fashion evolved to include silk and laces in their wardrobe, including undergarments. Hence, evoking sensuality and sexuality. Unlike unmarried women, widows have more freedom to move around despite their mourning.

At this point, silver screens project women wearing black undergarments as sexy and sensual. In time, these black lace bras become fetish objects. Since then, any undergarments that are colored black is associated with sexy and sexuality.

Today, these lace bras have evolved. They now carry different names and styles. Wireless bras with support take inspiration from the Victorian era with its lace design. Sometimes, it comes with a silk fabric too! Additionally, gone is the Victorian era where women are expected to wear balloon silk skirts or dress. In this modern time, black high waisted shorts take over the market. Perhaps when you check a woman’s shopping cart, you can see a wireless bra with support added together with either a black high waisted shorts or plus size high waisted shorts.

Is today’s fashion more convenient and useful than the yesteryears’?

Definitely! Because if you come to think of it, women are more empowered today. They have the power to choose what they want to do with their lives. This goes the same with their choice for undergarments. In fact, the society is now welcoming of women’s varied figures. Before, women are expected to keep themselves in shape while staying at home. Today, plus size women who wear plus size high waisted shorts are given just the same worth.

Do different styles and colors downgrade the ‘sexiness’ of a black undergarment?

Definitely, not! Black will always be a sexy color and perhaps in this lifetime and the next it will remain the same. You want to be sexy? Wear something black. You want to go out for a date and be romantic? Wear something black. You want to just be casual? Wear something simple but black. You can’t go wrong with a black undergarment and the comfort of black high waisted shorts.

If there is one takeaway from this article is that not only does the black color associated with sexiness, it also means strength. Remember, it was always worn to signify the mourning or the loss of someone. To wear black for over 2 years and stand by it every day reminding yourself of the loss is strength. To be reminded of the loss everyday while carrying on with life anyway is the true strength of a woman who wears black.